Database Integration
InterDX provides a full range of web database integration and application services, from simple mailing list forms to sophisticated database-driven web sites.

Databse-driven websites make relevant company information instantly, easily and securely available for employees, management, suppliers and customers. It also allows you, your staff and your clients to update information quickly and easily. Most of all, a databse-driven website helps you improve productivity, flexibility and performance.

All of the usual abilities of a database, such as searching for information, doing calculations, entering new information, and editing existing information, are available through the web browser. You can maxmize your profitability by consolidating existing database applications on a web platform.

General web database application areas:

  • Online Catalogs
  • Online Ordering
  • Company Inventory
  • Employee Databases
  • Purchase Orders
  • Employment Listings
  • Online Appointments / Scheduling

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    Intranet Development
    Our solutions cater to businesses that have just learned of the great benefits of having an intranet for the first time, as well as organizations that are interested in expanding and enhancing their present intranet.

    Our unique package includes a “complete care” solution that meets your every need, from graphic design to in-depth implementation and functionality. Our approach to building your intranet focuses on integrating existing databases and bringing them together into one cohesive web application which can be easily accessed by any user via a web browser.

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